Geosota design have all the advantages of the regular (spherical) polyhedra:

  • resistance to prohibitive external loads;
  • economical energy consumption for heating (maximum useful area at a minimum wall surface);
  • harmonious form based on the geometry of the radiolaria has a beneficial effect on all living things;
  • natural air circulation inside and its uniform distribution throughout the all volume of the dome.

Division frequency (V)

The number of parts forming the surface of the dome is determined by the frequency of division of the sphere with geodetic lines (triangulation). Denote this constant of a particular geodome by the “V”.

Part of the sphere (/)

It is indicated by fractional values: 1/1 — the full sphere, 1/4 of the sphere, 3/4, 1/2, 5/8, etc. Depending on the frequency of breakdown of the sphere, various ratios of parts of the sphere are obtained.


They are more determined by the diameter (D) and part of the sphere, and also depend on a specific task and can variate widely parameters.

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